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Document Wallet VELOBAG®

VELOFLEX has launched the first vertical sized document wallet.
The VELOBAG® document wallet and its finish is legally protected as our trade mark.

The school rucksacks sometimes are not very stable. VELOBAG XXL improves the stability of the back positively and distributes the weight of the contents of the rucksack evenly on the entire back.
Document wallets VELOBAG ® have a low weight and are suitable for folders, copy books and spiral notebooks, VELOBAG XXL offers additional space for books.

VELOFLEX document wallets support the child's back! The load of the rucksack is partly taken from the shoulder, thus relieves the back and spinal disc as well. An autostability of the rucksack in conjunction with an VELOBAG ® document wallet or VELOBAG XXL and an ergonomic way of wearing sustainably support to maintain the health of the child's back.

The product group of VELOBAG ®, the practical, flexible and light weight document wallets of VELOFLEX, has been extended by a horizontal A5 sized document wallet. It has an inside pocket on front panel for either a geographic triangle, other writing utensils or the time schedule. The side parts have loops for a carrying strap if wanted.

Exercise books in rucksacks can be protected by using the low weight VELOBAG ® or by the VELOBAG ® XXL which is suitable for books and note pads as well.
The VELOBAG ® product line also offers a VELOBAG ® in A3 for transport and storage of sketch blocks.
VELOBAG ® A2 wallet is the ideal solution for students of art performance course or for art students to transport the original sheets in 50 x 70 cm.

It can also by used as storage box for card stock, paper and carton etc. at home, in schools or kindergartens.

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