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Presentation Ring Binder VELODUR®

Create your binder quite individually
Our range of VELODUR® Presentation Ring Binders contains 15 ring binders in different colours, variable width of spines with different sized D-shaped rings, whilst the 40 mm and 60 mm spine is fitted with lever arch metals.

A trilingual designed speaker sheet supports the interesting product group of VELODUR® Presentation Ring Binders.

The special quality of book-bound finish make the presentation ring binders durable and stable. The polypropylene material is more temperature resistant than PVC and tends not to wavy and wrinkling of the welded clear pockets. These are applied in a special production process to the front panel and spine, so that the spine label even with a 15 mm ring binder can easily be inserted.

VELODUR® Presentation Ring Binders are not only made for use in the office, but also for your private use.

Made in GermanyVeloflex® Catalogue