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VELOFLEX Card Holders against data theft

More and more cards and ID cards have the modern RFID chips. They are invisibly included in cards such as the new e-passport, factory, students or library identification cards. Extensive personal and biometric data can be stored on these cards.

The RFID (radio frequency identification) chips are read without any contact. This makes quick and easy identification possible and involves a lot of risks. Unnoticed, also from several meters away data can be read by radio waves.

You can avoid an unauthorized access to your data when you use our VELOFLEX ® Document safe ID Card Holders for your cards and passport. The protective cover is equipped with a special film. Thus damps the radio waves to an high degree and prevents that the radio chip at all can build up a magnetic field. So, you can determine when an identification is wanted and when you want to protect against unauthorized reading.

VELOFLEX ® Document safe ID Card Holder is available in different versions:
as cover for your e-passport or as a manageable card holder for 2 or 6 cards in credit card-size.

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