- Organizing + Archival Storage
Ring Binders + Lever Arch Files
Index Dividers
Document Wallets + Boxes
Expanding Files
Display Books
Clip Files
A wide range of clip files/folders made of rigid PVC or PP in different formats and colours.
Product Line
Presentation Folders
A wide range of presentation folders made of either PVC, PP, rigid PVC or carton in various sizes and colours
Product Line
papers can easily be arranged whilst you leaf through binder like in a book
Product Line
Document Wallets
transparent wallets in different sizes to keep unpunched documents
Product Line
Report Covers
a wide range of maps and folders in different sizes and colours
Product Line
Clip System
Spine clips for self binding of documents in various shapes and colours
Product Line
Maps / Folders for Application
Filing Systems
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Made in Germany Veloflex® Catalogue